Our Story

Our History

During 2012-2019, we’re only a hair factory that focusing on hair products manufacturing and serve our clients, various hair brands. We never thinking of creating our own brand until we saw more and more customers suffer from the disorder market. The internet is full of poor quality products with fancy pictures, perfect descriptions and incredible low prices. People spend so much time and money but still cannot get the right products.


Why not creating our own brand to sell high quality hair products by using our resources and producing technology? The thought came to our mind.Finally in 2020, Shine Hair Wig was born.

We only use healthy virgin human raw hair to make chemical-free hair wigs and extensions after carefully selecting. We love to see you shine and confident at any moment in life with healthy and durable full hair.

  • 100% Virgin Human Hair

    Healthy and Durable

    Shine Hair Wig only use chemical free virgin human hair which is healthier and more durable. The hair is selected and hand-woven to make high quality hair products. Virgin human hair is 2 times stronger compared to non virgin hair. It can endure heat and take any color dye while non virgin hair can only take dark colors.
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  • Direct to Consumer

    Better Product Least Spend

    We are both manufacturer and Direct-to-Consumer company, which means that customers directly get products from us(factory)! Our DTC business model aims at providing best-quality products only at affordable prices. Our goal is helping more people to enjoy quality products with less spends. We are trying our best to benefit our customers more.
  • Customer First

    Be helpful and Supported

    Customers are always come first in our business. We have professional support team to hear and help. We work with local warehouses in some countries like the US, France,UK, and work with Fedex and DHL to fasten delivery. We have liberal return and refund policy, and we provide free maintenance and repair services.
  • Fair Trade

    Friendly Environment

    All the raw materials are donated or sold freely and fairly. With years developments, our factory is equipped with a complete set of sophisticated facilities and the most modern production technology. We do not add any chemical additives during producing. We also work with non profit agency to recycle hair to protect our environment.
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Why We Are Here?

To make you look and feel beautiful and confident! We provide the highest quality and most cost-effective 100% human hair for women in every corner of the world. We will help achieve the dream of being able to use 100% human hair in the whole life. We believe everyone deserves this, everyone is the best! We will always be here, and accompany you through your each big day, such as birthday, graduation, wedding ect. Of course, your every ordinary day and moment.