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What's Mink Hair?


What's Mink Hair?

Mink hair is the highest quality virgin hair in a way. This quality ensures that mink hair is extremely thick, lusciously full, and usually longer than regular virgin hair. And like virgin hair, mink hair has all the follicles flowing in the same direction. Mink Hair is very similar to Raw Hair. Its very simple, Raw Hair is from one person, known as (a single hair donor). 100% Mink Hair is normally stronger. Mink Brazilian Hair is soft, silky and luxurious when it is of high grade quality.

How Long Does Mink Hair Last?

All of our 100% virgin hair can last up to 2 years. So the lifespan of mink hair is even up to 4 years or more.


Mink Hair Can Be Dyed?

The answer is "YES"!

In fact, dyeing your mink hair weave is an easy, safe way to experiment with hair color without damaging your natural hair. Whether you want to dye your extensions darker, bleach them blonde, or try a bright color like red or blue, make sure to use clean, virgin hair to get the best results.



How To Care For Mink Hair?

There are 5 simple ways for you to care for your mink hair in daily life:

1) Be extremely gentle

Brushing or styling the extensions gently can prevent the hair from falling out.

2) Wash with moisturizing hair care products

Wash your extension a maximum of 3 times a week with moisturizing hair care products.

3) Use a heat protectant.

4) Deep conditioner.

5) Keep ends trimmed.




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