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Do you still remember the problems and difficulties encountered in online shopping?
  • Shoddy Product

    When you browse the website, the pictures are beautiful and stunning enough, and the product details are also perfect; You wait for the package with full of joy, but the product you get is in poor quality. What a painful shopping experience. Therefore, it is very important to choose a trustworthy brand store, with a sound exchange&return policy and considerate after-sales service.

  • False Discount

    The most common marketing method for many merchants in the market is to raise product prices and then use discounts to attract customers to place orders. Actually the final price is much higher than the market price. So the price comparison is not just whether the merchant offers discounts, but the product price and quality can constitute a cost-effective result.

  • Slow Delivery

    If you shop a product online, you need it to spend a big moment in your life. According to the time stated by the merchant, you can receive it before then. As a result, until that day, you can only choose other things to replace it. Everyone who chooses to shop online is to get convenient and fast service, isn’t it?

  • Poor Customer Service

    We all have the experience of asking the customer service for more detailed and specific information about a certain store or product. And we look forward to patient, careful and gentle response. If the customer service staff’s attitude is very unfriendly or rude, we will definitely feel that the All Day’s Mood has been ruined.

  • Unqualified Service Quality

    When you have a problem to negotiate with the merchant, the problem you raised can’t be solved, and you can’t get any help from it. This situation is simply terrible. Please believe when you spend money to buy products, you are also paying for good service. Qualified merchant should actively stand up to help customers solve problems and eliminate doubts.

What advantages and resources do we have?

  • High-Quality Products

    What you see online is what you will get! Our products are made from 100% original virgin human hair, with a wide range of categories, including Closure & Frontal & Wigs that come in different styles and patterns. All your possible hair needs can be met with our products for sure.
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  • The Most Reasonable Price

    Our DTC(Direct to Consumer)business model aims at providing best-quality products only at affordable prices. And we guarantee all of our products can maintain their value.
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  • Product Value Preservation

    We never offer any discount in normal times, so no matter when you buy the hair, the price will never be different. What we bring to you will always be the best choice with high cost performance.
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  • Short Delivery Time

    Only 1-3 working days delivery to your home if you live in the U.S., we will ship the hair from our U.S. local warehouse. And if you live in other countries, we can also guarantee that you will receive the package within 4-6 working days at the latest.
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  • High Service Standards

    The customer service personnel of our brand are only employed after professional training. We have very strict requirements for the service process of the three stages of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales. From the moment you contact us, we will strictly follow standards to provide you with information and help you solve problems. Most importantly, our customer service is online 24/7.
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  • Product Replacement

    In addition to selling products, we also recycle hair based on the principle of turning waste into treasure. If you have needs in this regard, just contact us. And we will evaluate your hair and quote the price for you, which means you can save some money to shop new wigs.
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