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Why We Pay Attention To Packaging Design & Gifts?

As a leading company in the industry, our product quality has been strictly controlled. And our original intention has always been for consumers to get more convenience and satisfaction.

So we designed a more exquisite and fashionable packaging box and prepared practical  gifts to enrich our customers’ every online shopping experience.

Shopping in the ShineHair store, in addition to getting the long-waited superior product, you can also get...

  1. Product protection

A best-quality packaging box protects products from the sun, rain, and dust pollution. And the box is made by environmental-friendly materials, which helps live a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Convenient storage

As we all know, the packaging box is always the best tool for storing hair.


  1. Practical gifts

For every order online, we will send you gifts for free. Gifts are delivered to your home together in the packaging box.


Whether this is your first time shopping a wig or countless times, I believe these will make you satisfied.

Are you ready for a new hairstyle?

Choose 100% virgin human hair to fresh up for the new season.

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