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What Products Can Be Used On Hair?

Keeping your extensions moisturized and nourished is crucial, considering they don’t have a natural hydration source like our own hair does. The proper hair products make all the difference in whether your extensions will tangle or be soft and manageable. Purchase products specifically formulated for dry and damaged hair, as they will help keep the strands healthy and nourished. Also, look for products that add moisture to the hair like argan oil, coconut oil, and castor oil. 

These hair products for 100% human hair


If you heat style your hair often, you’ll know the toll that your straightening iron, curling wand, and a hairdryer can have. Heat literally sucks the moisture out of hair strands, rendering the hair dry, dull, and damaged. Heat protectant sprays are essential to prolonging not only the life of your hair extensions but your natural hair as well. These products coat the hair strands to minimize damage from direct heat.

Depending on the heat protectant used, the product may have added ingredients to detangle, smoothen, and boost shine. Some thermal heat protectants go so far as to help transfer nutrients and vitamins to the hair shaft, making it stronger in the long run, and protecting the hair from UV rays.

To use a heat protectant, spray your hair as well as your hair extensions with the product evenly, and wait a minute or two before applying heat.


If you have fine or thin hair and wear clip-in hair extensions, you may know the struggle of having the extensions slip out or move around throughout the day. This is because the clips do not have a sturdy base to grip on to.

Not only is dry shampoo a holy grail product for oily-haired ladies in terms of soaking up excess oils at the roots, but it's also a holy grail product for fine-haired clip-in hair extensions users. Before clipping in your wefts, separate a section of hair, apply a bit of dry shampoo at the roots, then backcomb the hair. This will create a stronger, sturdier base for each clip to hold on to, resulting in hair extensions that stay put throughout the day.


As previously mentioned, since hair extensions do not receive natural oils and nutrients from the scalp, they are chronically dry and should be cared for as such. With the right care, your hair extensions can remain looking luscious, soft, and shiny throughout their lifetime. This includes applying a nourishing hair oil on the ends, especially after heat styling or washing.


To keep your hair extensions hydrated, nourished, and manageable to style, it is always best to use a deep conditioner after washing them. Deep conditioners or hair masks usually have a thicker consistency than regular conditioners, making them highly effective to moisturize hair strands deeply. Hair masks or deep conditioners should be left on for at least 30 minutes, if not overnight, to see the full effects. When shopping for a hair mask, look for products that are alcohol and sulfate-free, as well as contain ingredients that penetrate the cuticle, like coconut oil, olive oil, or avocado oil.

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