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#613 Blonde 13x4 Lace Front Wig Body Wave Perruques de cheveux humains

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    Made with 100% unprocessed human hair, the hair is sleek and soft. It can endure high temperature that you’re free to restyle and dye to any colors. The hairline is pre plucked which is friendly to beginners. Enjoy effortly installation of the wigs.

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    Marque Cheveux brillants
    Matériel 100% cheveux humains sans traitement chimique
    Texture Vague de corps
    Densité 180%
    Espace Dentelle 13 × 4
    Matériel de dentelle Dentelle suisse transparente
    Couleur de cheveux #613 Couleur blonde
    Taille du bonnet Standard moyen 22,5 pouces (la petite et la grande taille peuvent être personnalisées)
    Longueur de trame de cheveux 18-30 pouces
    La vie des cheveux Plus de 1,5 ans (selon l'utilisation et l'entretien)
    Restyle Peut être blanchi, teint, lissé et bouclé
    Prestations de service Livraison directe, vente en gros, personnaliser, conception de logo/paquet
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    When the hair will be shipped out?

    We normally process order within 24 hours in working day for stock item. If the product is customised item, it will takes about 7 days to process.

    How many days for delivery?

    We ship the package by express shipping via fedex, DHL, UPS. It takes 3-5 days to US, UK, CA. 7-10 days to other regions.

    What should I do if I need small or large cap size?

    Please leave note on your order or send us message to state your requirement. It will takes 5-7 days to process the order if you need customised cap size.

    Can I exchange or return?

    Yes! You can definitely exchange or return if you do not like the hair. We accept returns in 45 days, but the hair shouldn't be worn, or tampered with. The hair should be in original status that not effect second sale.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Beautiful hair i like it👍

    So I ordered yesterday morning and it arrived same day at 7:45pm which was great timing considering I bought it to wear on a night out that same evening. When it arrived it came in a neat little box with; a hair net, some instructions on how best to maintain the wig which was sweet who doesn’t love an unexpected gift right?

    The Actual Wig:
    The wig itself actually exceeded my expectations and it pleasantly surprised me. The hair was super soft and bouncy my fingers ran through the curls with easy also the density was perfect any more and it would’ve looked like I was doing drag any less and I would’ve had to send it back. Just perfect! It also didn’t have that stinky new bundles/wig smell that most new hair does, I mean it was faint but nothing that couldn’t be sorted with a little bit of product before you had a chance to sit down and vigorously wash it. Luckily I’m really into the wig life so I had some elastic and thread to make myself a little band in the back.
    In terms of prepping the wig it was kind effortless to me. Once I got the desired size I just snipped the excess lace, plucked my hairline.I wide tooth combed it out, laid the wig then added water using the spray bottle provided and cut me some baby hairs, styled it in a half up half down and I was ready to go! I received so many compliments from strangers asking me if it was my real hair and my best friend was impressed by the quality considering how much I paid for it so all in all I was a happy bunny.

    Final thoughts:
    I think the product is amazing value for money considering what I’ve spent in the past on other wigs and they’ve let me down. If you’re impatient like I am then the speedy same day delivery option is like a dream come true. I think this product would make a great wig for people who want a wig.I also think it makes a great addition to any collection as “Breather” wig. Like I have my main wig but sometimes it gets a little boring and I like to change it up and this wig allows me to do that I’m also not totally precious about it because it didn’t cost as much as my main (you know what I mean?)
    I have yet to see how the wig stands the test of time but it survived my night out with 0 shedding and minimal tangles so i’ll Try and update my review in a months time from now to give ya’ll the tea.

    Would highly recommend to friends/family.
    Happy wig shopping 🛍

    Very nice hair

    Love this wig!! Would definitely recommend!! I brought body wave in 20inch. It’s light weight, not too thick on the frontal to give it a more natural look, pre-plucked although if you want a super natural look more tweasing is needed at the sides. I bleached the knots (40 volume for 25 minutes which sounds like a long time but it saved me doing it twice and hasn’t damaged the hair at all) & put a little foundation in the part to make it look more natural too. I’ve customised many wigs and this one is one of the best I’ve ever brought. Unfortunately after washing most of the bounciness/ body wave pattern loosened to give me a slight wave but I don’t mind that and can style as desired, after deep conditioning I let it air dry laying flat in hopes to keep some of the curl pattern and although it looks a little frizzy it’s kept it’s shine, softness and when heat tools or product (leave in conditioner/ moose) are added it should be fine. Barely any shedding from the washing process too so over all I’m very happy and as you can see from the before & after bleaching photo it’s very realistic looking. I feel so good in this wig! Lastly, I have added some elastic in the back to give it extra hold but the clips and adjustable elastic are effective for every day use and unless you wish to wear the sides up it isn’t necessary to glue/ spray down the front as it’s pretty secure. Hope you find this helpful as I know how tricky it can be finding a good wig and it is a lot of money to spend.

    A really nice looking wig that is long with ways and a great look.

    i wanted another wig for when i film for my videos.
    i had a blond wig for many years, but i can hardly hold it on my head anymore it got so loose.
    i like this hair color.
    At first i had chosen the mixed blond, but then changed my mind to white blond hair.
    i think this wig looks nice.
    The hair is nice and wavy and the hair is long (28 inches) like i wanted it to be.
    i had never had a wig with a lace front before.
    it said that the 4-inch deep part and front lace make the wig look more realistic.
    i didn't quite know what to do with the lace front so i tugged it under.
    There are 2 steel combs inside on the back and 1 in the front which make the wearing more firm.
    The adjustable elastic at the back of the neck can adjust the size of the cap freely.
    There's a breathable mesh cap to make it more comfortable and soft.
    The cap size is: Average Size, viable for most head size.
    The hair on this SHINE Hair Wig is very good and has a very soft feel to it.
    Sabiene :)

    a very nice looking wig with beautiful hair!

    I ordered the Lace Front 28 inch wig because of the color. I don't have this color in my wig collection in that length and it looked so pretty on the lady who posted the video review. I honestly think I would be impressed. When I say I have a wig collection that's not an exaggeration. I have wigs like some women have shoes. I just can't get enough.

    I took the wig out of the bag and noticed the part is as realistic as my expectation. I put it on my wig stand and took the pics. I was still pretty meh about the wig.

    Then I decided to see how this wig would handle some minimal styling and that's when I fell in love!

    I put the wig on and WOW. Volume without any frizz or poofiness. I don't know what this wig was treated with, conditioner spray wise before shipping. More of that, please. I got huge volume with zero tangles and zero frizz. Whatever this is conditioned with keeps the softness but allows you to have some styling fun.

    I then wore the wig for several hours to see if it would hold the volume and it did. Sometimes long synthetics at a lower price have a tendency to tangle and mat in the back, even with careful brushing. This wig did not tangle. Also, there was no shedding. Not a single strand shed during use or when I was brushing it for ten mins.

    I have found that wigs can surprise you. Sometimes a wig can give you style results you were not expecting. I would consider this wig to look like hair that you grew from your head,I think you could have a lot of fun with this one.

    Oh one more thing to note! Ladies with long hair, or a lot of hair, the wig cap is generous on the top. It fits like a standard wig around the sides and back but there is some extra room on the top closer to the back of the head. If you need to pin up a lot of hair, this wig is going to fit your hair just fine. That is definitely a selling point for long haired ladies out there.

    Five stars and a reminder for me to keep an open mind when it comes to my favorite thing to collect and my ultimate fashion accessory!

    I am so happy with my wig!

    So I don’t usually write reviews at all, but this hair was so great I just had to. This is my honest review because I know how difficult it can be to find good wigs with real reviews. I ordered the hair on the 8th and it arrived on the 10th. The shipping time was amazing, and the wig came in a cute box and also included a wig cap as well. My first impression on the hair is that it was super soft and felt thick and full!! I didn’t measure to check the inches but I have another wig this length and it looks true to length. There was very minimal shedding and it doesn’t tangle bad and is very easy to brush out. I did need to tone it because I wanted more of a platinum blonde. But let me state this for the record. If you have never toned a wig or hair of any sort before BE CAREFUL!! Purple shampoo used for toning will stain and leave blond hair with very ugly grey and purplish streaks, roots, and ends. I watched tutorials but it still ended up streaking some. However, with a few different methods I managed to fix the issue, and it turned out Beautiful! And might I add the hair is still super soft even after using a clarifying shampoo, peroxide, baking soda, lemon juice, and dish soap while trying to fix the over toning. Once the hair was flat ironed it felt a little thinner of course but still looks nice and full. I’m not sure how well it will hold color but I do plan on doing a watercolor method on this wig after I wear the blonde to see how well it takes color. I definitely!

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